Staying Stopped

non smokerStopping smoking is a real achievement. But don’t get complacent! This section offers you practical advice on staying stopped.


It’s normal to want to smoke sometimes, even years after quitting smoking – but wanting to doesn’t mean you have to.
Why you stopped smoking, and what quitting smoking was like.
There’s no such thing as ‘just one’ cigarette.
Some times are always going to be harder than others – celebrations, holidays and times of stress or grief may all trigger a desire to smoke.
Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you do start smoking again, don’t assume

“I feel healthier. I taste my food better. I’m not breathless walking up that hill. I’ve got more money which I spend on nice clothes.”- Shelagh, Inverclyde

you’ve failed. Quitting for even a short while still gives your body the chance to repair some of the damage.

Wait until you feel ready, and then try again. Most smokers have several attempts at quitting smoking before stopping for good. Your chances of staying stopped get better each time you try to quit.

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