Help to stop

Find something that works for you
Everyone’s different, in this section you can find out about the many different ways there are to stop smoking.

Perhaps you’re thinking of going it alone using only your willpower? You might change your mind when you discover that you’re 4 times more likely to succeed with the help of local smoking services and NRT (Nictoine Replacement Therapy).

But what are these local services? You can read more about the experts in your local area offering free one-to-one support. Or, you may prefer a drop-in class where you can share experiences with others attempting to give up at the same time as you. Wondering what that involves, here’s a video which shows you what happens at a Smoking Cessation Group.

It’s all about finding a combination that works for you. Smokeline advisers have years of experience helping others to give up smoking why not call them and chat through what you’re thinking or any questions you might have? Lines are open 8am to 10pm or chat online.

Why not listen to Karen, an adviser talk about the sort of things you might learn when you call.