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Discover the hidden harms second-hand smoke can do to your kids.

Smoking and your wallet

The true cost of smoking

Ever thought about how much smoking really costs you?  You might be surprised at how much you could save. Think about it, though.  Smoke an average 20-a-day, and every year you'll smoke 7,300 cigarettes.

It all adds up

At that rate, even cheaper brands of cigarettes cost £2,555 every year - and that could easily be the price of a holiday. See how much you could save for your summer holiday if you stop smoking today with our Holiday savings Calculator.

Paying in more ways than one

Smoking-related illness or disability can mean you lose income through missed work, and you're likely to pay more for insurance. And smoking costs the whole country hundreds of millions of pounds for everything from healthcare to litter - so we all end up paying for it.

"I got tired of watching my hard-earned cash go up in smoke every day."

Claire Hawthorn, ex-smoker