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Discover the hidden harms second-hand smoke can do to your kids.

Smoking and pregnancy

Smoking and your unborn baby

If you're pregnant, or planning to get pregnant, now is a great time to give up smoking. Quit smoking while you're pregnant and you can reduce the risk of many problems - from miscarriage or stillbirth to premature birth or cot death.

If you smoke when you're pregnant, the foetus is getting fewer nutrients, affecting its growth and development - what's more, products from smoke can enter the unborn baby's circulation.  Quit smoking, and your baby will be healthier and you may also produce more breast milk. Why not watch this video about smoking and pregnancy to find out more?

Get extra help to quit

Did you know there are special advisers who help pregnant women to stop smoking? You can find details in the Local Services section of this website. And of course your midwife, GP and health visitor will be only too happy to help.