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Discover the hidden harms second-hand smoke can do to your kids.

Second-hand smoke

Smoking affects those around you too

When you quit smoking, it's not just you who benefits - you're helping the people around you too.  That's because the 'second-hand smoke' from your cigarette leads to passive smoking - causing problems from eye irritation to headache, sore throat to nausea.

Unseen danger

You might be surprised to know that even if it doesn't seem smoky, there may still be smoke particles in the air.  And because particles from smoke in the air are smaller than smoke drawn directly from a cigarette, they can penetrate deeper into the lungs.

Passing on the risks

A non-smoker who lives with a smoker may be exposed to about 1% of their tobacco smoke from passive smoking. This can increase their chances of developing lung cancer or dying from a heart attack. Why not watch our video about the effects of passive smoking to find out more?