Trying again?

Use what you've learnt

When it comes to quitting, some people manage it first time - but many people have to try giving up more than once before they eventually succeed. So if this isn't your first time, just remember that if you've tried giving up in the past, you've learned valuable lessons you can use to boost your chances of success.

Think about your willpower, for example.  What worked for you last time?  And what did you find difficult?  What situations tripped you up? What made you give up giving up? Take a moment to think and write down what happened last time and what you felt went wrong.

Smokeline advisers can help you work out a quit plan that works for you, is based on the way you smoke and the situations you think you'll find difficult. Why not chat online or call them to find out more? And make this the time you quit for good and start enjoying all the benefits of no longer being a smoker.