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Pointers to help you make physical activity part of your everyday live. Includes a postcode finder to help you find activities in your local area.

Full of tips and advice to help you and you children improve your diet and fitness.

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You're not the first to have chosen to quit smoking - so what could you learn from other people's experiencesHere you'll find loads of tried-and-tested ways to make sure you stay smoke-free, including some good advice from ex-smokers and advisers like Margaret, Karen and Caroline.




I think if you're making any major change in your lifestyle, it's always better to plan for it or prepare for it before you do it - whether it's stopping smoking, or moving house, or whatever.

DE, Glasgow

Don't try to stop smoking until you are ready.  If you are not ready in your own mind, then it is not going to work.

AR, Prestwick

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