Craig Molloy


When Craig, 40, found out he was going to be a Dad, he decided to kick his 10-20 a day habit.

After previously trying to quit using patches, Craig, who lives in Castlemilk with his partner, Sharon, visited his local GP and was prescribed a course of Champix and referred to the local stop-smoking group for a 6-week course.

Craig said: "As soon as I found out we were expecting Eva I was determined to quit the cigarettes. I'd tried unsuccessfully to quit using patches so, for this attempt to work, I knew I'd need a different type of support.

"I wasn't sure what to expect from the stop smoking groups but was really pleasantly surprised after my first session. I found the support from the other members and the group leader invaluable. Everybody is in the same boat and going through the similar experiences. The entire group looks out for each other and gives you encouragement to stick at it.

"The group helped me stop doubting myself and made me realise that my willpower is strong and that I really could quit for good. The group leaders were also ex-smokers so were speaking from experience. They knew exactly what we were going through so we all trusted their advice."

Craig has now been smoke-free since March 17 2010 and has been asked back on numerous occasions to help out at his local stop-smoking groups. All cravings have disappeared and he feels much healthier and better in himself. Financially, Craig and his family have more disposable income, which means he can treat daughter, Eva to her favourite things.

"Not smoking has changed my life for the better. I'm proud that Eva has never seen me smoke and I can't see myself ever returning to old habits. The combination of Champix and support groups proved to be the right combination for me and I haven't looked back."

"My daughter's never seen me smoke. I'm proud of that."