Face-to-face support

Access your own stop smoking expert

Sometimes, it really helps to talk to someone in person. Giving up smoking isn't easy, and it pays to get expert advice to help you as you try to quit. By finding the right method to suit you, you'll have a better chance of success.

A supportive group

Support groups are run by experienced advisers, who are trained in helping smokers to stop. Fixed groups usually take place over a number of weeks, with a weekly 1 hour session.  Rolling groups are drop-in sessions, with attendees choosing when they come along. Here's a video which shows you what happens at a group session and what others have got out of it.

Individual support

One-to-one support is also an option.   Sessions lasting at least 20 minutes take place each week over a number of weeks.  Remember, you can always find out what's available, and what might suit you best, by calling Smokeline.

"The entire group looks out for each other and gives you encouragement to stick at it."

Craig Molloy, ex-smoker