Understanding why you smoke

Physical and emotional addiction

Have you ever thought about why you smoke? Most people start smoking in their teens, maybe because their mates do or because they want to look cool or grown up. With smoking, your physical addiction to nicotine usually kicks in pretty quickly.  But then you also develop an emotional attachment to smoking, so it's even harder to stop. Understanding why you smoke can help you prepare for those moments when you might 'miss' smoking.

Do any of the reasons below ring a bell with you?

"I enjoy smoking"

The 'rush' only feels good because it's satisfying your nicotine craving. After 2 days your body will be nicotine-free. Don't forget there's a lot to love about not being addicted to nicotine. Ask some ex-smokers what they don't miss about smoking.

"It calms me down"

Instead of stress relief, smoking actually speeds up your heart rate. Studies show that people's stress levels are lower after they stop smoking. Giving up is tough, but just remember that pleasant feeling of satisfying a craving won't last, it's a false cure for stress.

"I'm hell to live with when I don't smoke"

Being bad tempered is just a withdrawal symptom. It will pass. Our expert advisers can work with you to plan lots of coping strategies to deal with the stress of giving up. Call today on 0800 848484.

"I'm too old to change"

Quitting has benefits even for lifelong smokers. According to the NHS, people who kick the habit at 60 add 3 years to their life. And it greatly improves your chance of a disease-free, mobile, happier old age.