Choosing the right day

Take time to plan

Once you've decided you want to stop smoking, it's important to make sure you choose the right way to go about it.  You're less likely to start smoking again if you plan in advance when you're giving up.

Name the day

When will you choose? New Year's Day resolution?  Your birthday? Some people find it easier to quit smoking when they're away from their normal routine on holiday.  But maybe you'd prefer a fresh start after a break?  Remember, it's your day, just try to find a time when there are few other stresses going on. Some people prefer to tell friends and family the day they plan to quit for that additional understanding and support, you may prefer to keep the date a secret. But just think through what will help you the most. If you're undecided, why not chat it through with one of our advisers? They've helped thousands of people stop smoking, they can help you too.

Be realistic

No-one knows you better than yourself.  So you'll know best about when you should decide to quit.  Make sure you're realistic about what will test your willpower the most. Have a look at the Quit Calender too, it'll give you an idea of what to expect each day as the nicotine leaves your body and you become an ex-smoker.

" Christmas was a bad time, the temptation to smoke socially was huge."

Claire Hawthorn, ex-smoker